Seabourn Will Add Two Expedition Ships To Its Fleet

Seabourn is creating two new ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ships. To reach remote destinations, each ship will be constructed with the hardware and technology necessary to operate capably while delivering a guest experience filled with luxury comforts.

Seabourn Quest Antarctica
Seabourn Quest anchored within sight of the González Videla Base, a Chilean Research Station on the Antarctic mainland’s Waterboat Point in Paradise Bay. © 2014 Avid Travel Media Inc.

The expedition ships are specifically constructed according to standards necessary to operate in a range of the environments where they may operate. The hull for Seabourn’s expedition ships will be constructed to PC6 Polar Class standards, making them capable of summer & autumn operation in medium first-year ice in Antarctica, the Arctic, and other destinations around the world. Propulsion will be delivered by Azipods, giving the ships greater maneuverability, complemented by three bow thrusters.

Other operational design considerations being incorporated include shell doors, which are used by guests to move on and off the ship, placed right at the waterline giving them convenient access to step right into the onboard complement of Zodiacs. This improved accessibility means guests can move quickly to view wildlife or go ashore to enjoy the landscape. Dynamic positioning systems will be incorporated providing the ship increased operational flexibility to maintain its position.

The 2,750 square meters of open decks create many opportunities for guests to have viewing experiences complemented by high-quality optics mounted in various areas on the decks when conditions permit.

The ships will be a brand new design, created specifically for the expedition traveler, and will include many features that have made Seabourn ships successful. The first delivery is scheduled June 2021 and the second ship in May 2022. A new offering will be two submarines carried onboard, providing views of the world beneath the ocean’s surface. The ships will also be designed to carry a complement of kayaks and 24 Zodiacs, which will allow guests a truly immersive experience, building on the brand’s Antarctica and Ventures by Seabourn programs. Each ship will feature 132 oceanfront veranda suites, which will be home for up to 264 guests.

Seabourn will continue to announce design and service details for the new ships in the coming months. Specific details about itineraries and booking availability will be released in Spring 2019. The first ship is currently planned to sail in the Arctic in late summer 2021, with a full summer season in Antarctica to follow.

Onboard crew will include a 26-person expedition team comprised of wilderness experts, scientists, historians, and naturalists. During each sailing, team members regularly interact with guests. These experts are also part of the Seabourn Conversations program, providing in-depth insights into the history, ecology, and culture of the places they visit. Their insights are offered both in formal presentations on a variety of topics and in more casual conversations over meals or at leisure.

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