Recap Of Our Antarctic Voyage On Silver Cloud

Among the most memorable moments – snow on deck. © 2018 Ralph Grizzle

Two months have passed since my November voyage to Antarctica, and yet, hardly a day passes when I don’t think back to the beauty of the White Continent. My November 2018 voyage on Silver Cloud, in fact, marked my third trip to Antarctica. Would I return again if I had the chance? You bet. Each visit holds something new, different and refreshing. If you have an inkling of interest in exploring Antarctica, then it may be worth your while to travel back with me on two previous voyages.

In 2013, I cruised on Silver Explorer between Ushuaia and Antarctica. In a recap of that voyage, I outlined four reasons that my Silver Explorer voyage to Antarctica was so memorable to me. Mine are perhaps reasons for you to consider planning your own voyage to Antarctica. In 2015, I returned to Antarctica on Seabourn Quest, which I recapped through a photo a day. The photos, as well as our video, may prove useful for those of you trying to get a sense of what to expect on an Antarctic cruise.

Below, I’ve included links to reports from my November 2018 cruise on Silver Cloud. If you are researching your own trip to Antarctica, you may also want see Antarctica Cruises: The Cost Of Cruising The White Continent, Our Per Diems Chart (Updated October 2018)Antarctica Cruises 2019: What’s Included? and Antarctica Cruises: 14 Days & Longer, Our Per Diems Chart (Updated December 2018).

My hope is that you’ll go, sooner rather than later. Antarctica will be a place that sticks in your memory for a long, long time.

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