Crystal Serenity. Courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Crystal Unveils 2021 World Cruise Brochure

Crystal Cruises has released the comprehensive planner for its 2021 “Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders” World Cruise, equipping travelers with all the details they need to plan their global journey.

Crystal Serenity will host Crystal’s 2021 World Cruise. Photo courtesy of Crystal Cruises

The 139-day World Cruise sails a route through the Caribbean, Hawaiian Islands, South Pacific, Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the Far East, the United Arab Emirates, and the Mediterranean, featuring transit of the Panama Canal, visits to Egypt’s mysterious Valley of Kings, and the winelands of Western Europe.

The 2021 World Cruise brochure lays out the various voyage options and destination details with photo spreads that illustrate the experiences that lie ahead for Crystal guests.

Offered in nine segments of 12 to 21 days, the sailing explores locales and less visited destinations alike. The 2021 World Cruise also offers alternate embark and debark port and date options for travelers, allowing flexibility and still affording the full World Cruise benefits. Guests can choose to sail the complete itinerary from Miami to London (January 5 to May 24, 139 days); from Los Angeles to London (January 21 to May 24, 123 days); Miami to Rome (January 5 to May 12, 127 days); or Los Angeles to Rome (January 21 to May 12, 111 days).

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