Celebrity Edge – Expectation Versus Reality

Before going on Celebrity Edge, I did a lot of research. I always do a lot of research. So much, in fact, that my dad has a running joke about me constantly having a clipboard in tow. I thought it would be beneficial for me to compile a list of the venues that I thought would be most notable onboard Celebrity Edge. You may want to read that article before this one, because I will be drawing comparisons.

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

Because the marketing for this ship was strong, I thought it was important to look at how my gathered expectations were met once aboard the ship. Did the ship live up to my expectations? In a word, yes. But let’s explore that more in-depth.

The chandelier in The Plaza is made up of LED strips, which allows the lights to change color and dim as the space transforms from day to night.

My first anticipated venue aboard Celebrity Edge was The Plaza. The Plaza houses The Martini Bar, and is really the heart of the ship. The first night aboard, I knew that The Plaza would be the first place that I would visit. I went down around 5 p.m., and the environment was exactly what I had expected. I took a seat and sipped a habanero pineapple martini while listening to live music.

The Plaza spans three floors, but also has three levels in itself. Each level of The Plaza feels different. The bottom level featured booths, and was a bit darker. It was cozy, and it was where most of the couples were hanging out. The bar spans two levels, so there are bar stools on the bottom half, and chairs on the opposite side. The middle level was lively. It is where the music takes place, and it also features a few four-top tables. The top level seemed a bit disconnected from the rest of the venue, but it felt deliberate. It seemed like the place that you may go if you were alone, like me, or if you were with a friend and looking to have an intimate moment.

The division of space in The Plaza was intentional, and each level had a different purpose.

Eden spans three levels. On the top level, you become one with nature. The greenery in this space keeps it fresh during the day.

Although The Plaza exceeded my expectations, the shining star of my trip was my second anticipated venue – Eden. I wrote that I felt Eden would be a hip and fresh place, not only due to its modern decor, but also due to the large windows, plants, and its colors.

I was looking forward to the design of Eden, but what shone through more than the beauty of the space was the atmosphere created by the entertainers in this space. Eden was meant to be “playful by day, sinful by night,” and that is exactly how I would describe it. During the day, I played games and did puzzles with the entertainers, but at night it got dark and sensual – almost erotic. The drinks were conceptual – and not to mention tasty, and the entertainment was captivating. It checked all my boxes, and if I were on a weeklong cruise, it would be one of the venues that I frequented. I may even go every night.

The Body Scanner in the club assigned me this card. I was able to find The Gambler and The Prince – getting me one step closer to solving the mystery.

Before going on Celebrity Edge I was both confused and intrigued by The Club. I remember thinking that The Club was going to be extravagant due to the description, which highlighted a body scanner, and an aerial saxophonist. I wrote that this venue would make a good Instagram moment – but I was wrong.

The Club was too stimulating for me to even think about taking out my phone. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by a body scanner, which would guide me through my night by determining my species and assigning me characters of interest. I walked to my characters of interest so eagerly that I didn’t even stop to get a drink. I didn’t feel a need to. All the fun that needed to be had was right in front of me. It was up to me to unlock it, though.

The beauty of the entertainment aboard Celebrity Edge was that it could be as interactive as you wanted it to be. No one was in your face trying to force you to engage. The performers had a strong enough rapport that they were able to keep things going with each other, and invited guests in when they felt a need to interject.

I chose what I thought would be the worst seat in the house – but quickly changed my mind as the production started.

The last public space on my list was The Theatre. The most obvious feature of The Theatre is its stage. There is no curtain, and the stage protrudes into the audience, with seats wrapped all around. I raised an initial concern that if you were sitting on one of the far sides of the stage, you may see a lot of the performers’ backs. I was wrong about that. The performers moved around the stage and I felt like each section of the theatre was getting equal attention.

The show itself was entertaining. There was an even mix of singing, dancing, and stunts. Behind the stage, there is a large screen that wraps around, which allowed there to be a large amount of detail to the set, as almost all of the set was on the screen with hardly anything stage. This enabled the performers to shine, and it cut down on the time it takes to change scenes which sometimes causes the audience to lose interest.

My Infinite Veranda provided an unobstructed view of the ocean without compromising space in the stateroom.

Lastly, I was looking forward to the stateroom. With Celebrity Edge, the Infinite Verandas were introduced. Essentially a fancy floor-to-ceiling window, this concept provides the feeling of a veranda without having to sacrifice space in the stateroom. The Infinite Veranda worked well, and I preferred it to a traditional balcony. I am not big on heat, so it was nice being able to sit with the window open and feel the breeze, but I also appreciated having the option to close it.

The rest of the stateroom was modern but comfortable. I am someone who likes to spend time in my room to read a book or listen to music. The room was big enough that I felt I could spend a few hours in there, but it was also cozy. The bathroom provided plenty of space for me to spread out my makeup and get ready, and the shower was a nice size. While the rooms weren’t large, they were easily suitable for a couple, or a family with young children.

The stateroom also features USB outlets and a touch panel where guests can control their lights and blinds.

A couple of nights was not nearly enough time to spend on this ship. Every venue that I highlighted in this story could easily be a night-long experience for a guest. There was so much to do and see – this is only the beginning of my experience. Stay tuned for more.

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    • Joel,

      Thanks for the question! This is the first installment of the review. I will be writing more about food and entertainment in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out!

      But to answer your question now, the food was great! I was only on for two nights, so I didn’t have an opportunity to experience many dining venues, but I heard great things from other travelers as well.

      I ate at Luminae, the suite-class restaurant, both nights I was on board. I was scheduled there twice, and considered switching, but I knew the menu changed nightly. I decided to go two nights in a row to see how they compared. I was not disappointed! One of the biggest hits at Luminae was the soup appetizer. The first night a tomato soup was offered, and the second night there was an artichoke soup on the menu. I ordered beef tartare for my appetizer the second night, but two girls at the end of the table ordered the soup. They raved about it so much that we ordered a bowl to share at the table. It was magnificent!

      As I said, I will elaborate more in an upcoming article.


    • The food is – as always on Celebrity – very good. The ship is nice. But after all this hype my expectations were much, much higher. I had a Aqua Class cabin. Wonderful bathroom. In my opinion the Infinite Veranda is „pretty awful“. For me it?s just room with a large and dirty window. You can only open the window when the captain allows it.

    • The food is – as always on Celebrity – very good. The ship is nice. But after all this hype my expectations were much, much higher. I had a Aqua Class cabin. Wonderful bathroom. In my opinion the Infinite Veranda is „pretty awful“. For me it?s just room with a large and dirty window. You can only open the window when the captain allows it.

      • William,

        I can completely understand why the Infinite Veranda may not compare to a regular balcony. For me, it worked out nicely. I enjoyed having the extra space in the cabin, and did not have any problems with opening the window at the times I wanted to.

        I think it is important to note as well, as someone who is used to river cruising, that it is something that was familiar to me.

        Of course, some the suites on Celebrity Edge do offer full balconies, but most of the regular staterooms do boast an Infinite Veranda.

        I don’t think that you are the only person who feels that way.


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