Watch: Disney’s Livestream Announcing 2020 Itineraries

Last week, Disney Cruise Line held a Livestream to announce its 2020 itineraries and ports of call. With four ships sailing from multiple destinations in 2020, all Disney lovers should be able to find an itinerary that suits their wants and needs.

An intense game of ping-pong between my brother and I aboard Disney Wonder.

In 2020, Disney will have three ships in Florida sailing to the Bahamas and Caribbean from Miami and Port Canaveral. All itineraries will sail to Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. Disney Wonder will return to Puerto Rico on select Southern Caribbean voyages before returning to San Diego for Baja and Mexican Cruises.

Also in 2020, Disney Wonder will travel to Hawaii for the first time after a five year hiatus. Ports of call will include Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island.

For the first time ever, Disney will be sailing from New Orleans. Starting in early February 2020, Disney Wonder will embark on Caribbean and Bahamian cruises from Louisiana.

More notable than the itineraries however, was the production of the Livestream. It encompassed everything that Disney is known and loved for. An enthusiastic host guided us through the journeys on which Disney would take us, while making us feel as excited for the journeys as he was. In my experience on Disney, the presenter’s enthusiasm can be seen throughout the ship with cast members and crew alike.

The announcement also included two musical numbers. We know Disney as a company that puts entertainment at the forefront and tries to incorporate it into everything that the company does – including news announcements like the Livestream.

This was a special way to announce New Orleans as a new embarkation port, and it felt fitting. What is more Disney than spontaneous song and dance? This is a perfect model for what guests should expect on a Disney Cruise – constant engagement and constant entertainment, even when it is unexpected.

Dinner was always a fun event!

Having cruised the Disney Magic and Wonder, I can speak to the emphasis on production and entertainment. Everything that I did aboard the two ships felt like an event. My brother and I, who usually dreaded dinner because it cut away from our pool time, could not wait to experience nightly mealtime – Disney style.

Whether we were dining at the Animator’s Palate or Lumiere’s, we had a ball. We were constantly engaged, and that helped our parents to be able to relax on their vacation as well. On other ships, we might have been in the kid’s club during the day, but we still got bored and complained to our parents when there was a lull in entertainment. On Disney there never seemed to be a dull moment.

2020 should be an exciting year for Disney. From the Caribbean, to Mexico, to Hawaii, parents should be able to book a vacation that is not only a wonderful and exciting experience for their children, but also relaxing for them as well.

Catch the uploaded Livestream here:

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