Crystal Outlines 2021 World Cruise

On January 5, 2021, Crystal Serenity will set sail on a 139-day odyssey from Miami to London. The company’s 26th annual World Cruise – “Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders” – will follow a route through the Caribbean, Hawaiian Islands, South Pacific, Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the Far East, India, the UAE, and the Mediterranean, featuring transit of the Panama Canal, visits to Egypt’s mysterious Valley of Kings, and the winelands of Western Europe.

Offered in nine focused segments of 12 to 21 days, the voyage allows guests to explore shorelines and landscapes, remote villages and natural beauty, historically profound sites and monuments, and epicenters of modern culture and commerce.


Crystal Serenity. Courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Highlights of Crystal’s 2021 “Ancient Dynasties & World Wonders” World Cruise include:

  • Maiden calls in Townsville, Australia; Banda Neira and Ambon, Indonesia;
  • Overnight stays in 17 global cities, with at least two overnights featured on all but one World Cruise segment;
  • Exploration of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and coastlines, as well as the tropics of the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei;
  • An early spring journey through Japan, with additional calls in Hong Kong and Taiwan;
  • Far East discoveries in China and South Korea, with an overnight in Shanghai and two nights in Beijing;
  • Concentration in Southeast Asia and Vietnam, with overnights in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as Singapore and Shanghai;
  • A journey across the Bay of Bengal and along the Arabian Gulf, with two nights in Myanmar, calls in Sri Lanka and India en route to Dubai;
  • A voyage along the gulfs of Oman and Aden, with calls in Oman and an overnight in Safaga, affording access to the Valley of Kings, then on to the Mediterranean coast;
  • Discoveries in the ports of Europe, with overnights in wine havens like Lisbon and Bordeaux (two nights), as well as Rome, Sardinia, and Ibiza.

The 2021 World Cruise offers alternate embark and debark port and date options for travelers, giving guests flexibility while still receiving the full World Cruise benefits.

Guests can choose to sail the complete itinerary from Miami to London (January 5 to May 24, 139 days); from Los Angeles to London (January 21 to May 24, 123 days); Miami to Rome (January 5 to May 12, 127 days); or Los Angeles to Rome (January 21 to May 12, 111 days).

Guests booking any of these full World Cruise options enjoy special benefits and amenities, including a welcome celebration dinner aboard Crystal Serenity in Miami or in Los Angeles, “As You Wish” shipboard spending credits of up to $2,500 per guest; complimentary private car and driver transfers between the ship and airport; a gala dinner World Cruise Extravaganza Event; an exclusive shore-side event; special World Cruise-themed onboard events; and specially curated gifts.

Crystal’s 2021 World Cruise will first be open for 2018, 2019 and 2020 Full World Cruise guests for booking between September 5 and September 11, 2018. All other Crystal Society members will enjoy a pre-booking window from September 12 through September 18, 2018. The cruise will be open to the public for booking on September 19, 2018 with Book Now Savings fares for the Full World Cruise starting at $46,199 per person (expiring October 31, 2018).

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