Barging From Sete To Arles: A Beautiful Journey

anne marie in sete
Our barge, Anne-Marie, docked in Sete, France. © 2018 Ralph Grizzle

Along with 20 others, I spent last week canal cruising in France. The 22-guest Anne-Marie took us from Sete to Arles on a beautiful journey that none of us wanted to see come to an end.

Ten of us also participated in a four-day pre-tour from Paris through the Perigord region of France to Sete. I’ll be posting a  story about our adventure next week. For now, I’m posting a few photos to give you a taste of our trip.

With hot-air balloons taking flight in the background, the view from our dinner table in Domme, overlooking the Dordogne river. © 2018 Ralph Grizzle
sunrise in sete
Sunrise in Sete from Mont Saint Clair. © 2018 Ralph Grizzle
Clinging to a cliff, the village of Rocamadour. © 2018 Ralph Grizzle
wine and hat
Wine, there has been plenty. © 2018 Ralph Grizzle
Beautiful desserts also. © 2018 Ralph Grizzle
We ventured 300 feet underground into a world of caves. © 2018 Ralph Grizzle
And we took a boat ride on the Dordogne. © 2018 Ralph Grizzle
France, with all of its charms, has captivated us with its beauty. © 2018 Ralph Grizzle

That’s it for now. I’ll be posting more next week.

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