Now Available, The Ultimate River Cruising Handbook

Featuring 2019 pricing charts for all European rivers.

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2018 ebook

Finally, it’s done. After more than a year of researching, compiling, editing and designing, the Ultimate River Cruising Handbook is ready for consumption.

To celebrate, I am popping open a bottle of champagne. And to extend the celebration to you, until June 1, I’m offering Avid Cruiser newsletter subscribers 50% off the $14.95 retail price of the digital version.

The .epub version is optimized for smartphones and tablets, while the .pdf version is optimized for computer screens. Both are large downloads, so if you do make a purchase, be patient (and be on WiFi for the best download experience).

A print version of the book will be published in June. For the best experience, however, purchase the digital version. It contains links to videos, posts and pages that require only the click of a button to access.

What’s the book about? In Europe alone there are more than two dozen navigable rivers and canals. Add the confluence of companies offering seemingly similar experiences and you might just end up feeling as though you’re going upriver without a paddle. I’m here to help you navigate the ever-changing currents that define river cruising today. Having added more than 50 river cruises to my proverbial travel bucket, I’ve garnered a lot of insights that can help you understand the many options available to you.

Inside The Ultimate River Cruising Handbook, you’ll discover …

  • The differences between the types of river cruises
  • How to get the best value on your river cruise
  • The best times of year to river cruise
  • Which river to cruise
  • How to deal with high water/low water issues
  • 2019 pricing charts.
  • And more

Spanning more than 270 pages, the book is currently available in .pdf and .epub (best for smartphones and tablets). A printed version of the book will be available June 1, 2018.

Special Savings Until June 1. Use the code newbook to save 50% off the digital edition. Price for the digital edition: $14.95 | Price for the printed book: $24.95 plus shipping costs

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Kathleen Sinclair says:

I ordered the digital version of your book this morning, but I am unable to locate the download or confirmation email. Please advise on how to accomplish this. Regards, Kathleen

Lawrence F Gater says:

Please tell me where I can buy the printed version of the book.I tried several times to order it from Amazon. I’m not good on the computer and I can;t work my way through their website. Someone else must sell this book. I can pick it up in Crossville or Cookeville,Tn. Lawrence F Gater

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