Barge With Me In Alsace In 2019

With my Sete to Arles barge trip now sold out, I’m looking at 2019. In October of next year, I’ll be offering a barge trip in Alsace. On October 11, CroisiEurope’s 22-passenger Madeleine will take us between Strasbourg and Lagarde. This all-inclusive voyage spans seven days.

I adore Alsace. What’s not to love, particularly along the Marne-Rhine Canal? Also known as the Green Way, the canal meanders through Alsace and the Vosges. It links Strasbourg to Saverne, the gateway to Alsace, situated at the foot of the Vosges Mountains, and continues through a grand forest to Lutzelbourg in the Moselle region. Its spectacular architecture and many structural works include the “Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane” (the only one in Europe), where boats are hoisted up a steep incline through the Vosges, before reaching Xouaxange, a charming small town in the Moselle.

Our group will have the whole barge. We have 11 cabins, one for me, and 10 for our group. Would you like one of those?  Prices for this seven-day, all-inclusive cruise trip are just US$3,495 per person, double occupancy, and with all that this trip offers, that’s quite a value. To reserve your space, please see: Alsace By Barge In October 2019.

peniche-Madeleine-face02-CroisiEurope-167329©Bill Maloney

Canaux-Alsace-Marne-Rhin-Saverne-44390©Office du Tourisme de Saverne et sa region

cabine-peniche-Madeleine-CroisiEurope-9968©Fabrice Rambert

peniche-Madeleine-navigation02-CroisiEurope-167437©Bill Maloney

salon01-peniche-Madeleine-CroisiEurope-10020©Fabrice Rambert


Canaux-Alsace-Marne-Rhin-Arzviller-plan-incline01-166242©Bill Maloney

Canaux-Alsace-Marne-Rhin-Arzviller-plan-incline03-166268©Bill Maloney

Canaux-Alsace-Marne-Rhin-ecluse-de-Rechicourt-le-Chateau02-44637©Bill Maloney

Canaux-Alsace-Marne-Rhin-peniche-Madeleine-navigation-pont-44715©Bill Maloney

Canaux-Alsace-Marne-Rhin-Saverne-chateau-du-Haut-Barr-44364©Office du Tourisme de Saverne et sa region

Canaux-Alsace-Marne-Rhin-Strasbourg-Petite-France-45144©Bill Maloney


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