A Futuristic X-BOW? Aurora Expeditions Will Have The First

Aurora Expeditions (Australia) is poised to surprise the world of expedition cruise ships with its new Greg Mortimer, currently under construction. Who is Greg Mortimer? He is Aurora Expedition’s co-founder. This Australian mountaineer and explorer started the company together with his wife Margaret in 1991.

The Greg Mortimer will be the first expedition cruise vessel featuring a so-called X-BOW. This design from Norwegian company Ulstein has been used successfully on up to 100 offshore vessels, which often have to cope with rough conditions in the North Sea. Many of us have seen footage of these rough seas on video channels.

The special bow shape results in a wave piercing effect in all wave heights, in particular reducing pitching and bow impact loads in big seas, such as the ones you can encounter on the Drake Passage.

While a traditional bow vessel rises on the waves and then drops violently onto the surface of the water, an X-BOW vessel, less subject to the vertical motions induced by the waves, continues on course more smoothly, while maintaining its speed. The vessel will also have Rolls-Royce stabilizers.

Watching the scenery is quintessential on expedition cruises. Apart from the usual observation lounge and deck the ship will have two platforms on Deck 5 that fold out hydraulically. This venue is going to be perfect for unobstructed views of passing wildlife.

Having 15 zodiacs is an obvious plus for these remote areas. Aurora goes one step further, by offering a number of additional activities such as kayaking, diving, climbing and ski touring. We cannot wait.

One of the most impressive things is the ship’s guest capacity. Having a maximum of 120 onboard expeditioners when in Polar Regions is a guarantee for an optimal destination experience (total number of cabins: 80).

Following Greg Mortimer’s maiden voyage in October 2019, the ship will operate an additional 20 expeditions across the 2019/2020 season, with itineraries spanning Antarctica and the Arctic.

Check Out Aurora Expedition’s video.

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