Adventures Ashore: Calvi, Corsica Highlights

This morning I’m on the gorgeous island of Corsica in the town of Calvi. We’re going to take a walk around the 13th century citadel built by the Genoese and then go down into town to see what we can discover there.

A guided stroll through the seaside town of Calvi reveals much of its history – from its humble beginnings as a fishing village, to its century in the sun as a Genoese stronghold, and its current status as a charming vacation getaway.

For an excellent overview of the city, head up to the Calvi citadel, perched on a rocky hillside overlooking the port.

Enter through the citadel’s thick gates to the Place d’Armes and on to the Cathedral St Jean Baptiste, set upon the highest point of the promontory. Founded in the 13th century, the cathedral was partially destroyed during the Turkish siege in 1553, and later rebuilt in the form of a Greek cross.

Also visit the Oratoire St Antoine to admire its Italian frescoes

Spend time wandering the citadel and don’t miss the spot that marks what some historians believe was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.
Snap your photos then head back down to the Ville Basse – or Lower Town – to admire the charm on Calvi, with its shops, restaurants, churches and cafe-lined promenade.

Seeing the citadel and taking stroll through the Lower Town is a great way to experience Calvi on the beautiful island of Corsica.

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