Meet Seabourn Encore’s Designer, Adam D. Tihany

To gain some insights into Seabourn’s newest ship, I traveled to one of the world’s most international cities: New York’s arts district, home of Tihany Design and its acclaimed designer Adam D. Tihany.

Tihany is an icon in hospitality design. From his New York studios, he sketches interiors that have come to represent the pinnacle of restaurant and hotel design. Tihany’s dream, however, was to design an entire cruise ship. Seabourn Encore will be his first.

I met with Tihany at his New York studios to discuss his career, his design philosophy and what he will bring to Seabourn’s newest vessel.

“My true dream was to design a luxury cruise line,” Tihany told me. “And Seabourn was the perfect scale for what I do.”

Tihany says he is designing Seabourn Encore to feel like a luxury yacht. One example: design changes in Seabourn Square. “That room will give you a pretty good idea of the luxury yacht feeling,” he says. “It’s conceived very differently from the existing ones on Seabourn. The whole centerpiece of the concierge station is exactly the reverse of what it is now; instead of looking in, it’s looking out.”

Seabourn Encore debuts in December of 2016. Between now and then, I hope to bring you lots more of what to expect from Seabourn’s newest ship.

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