Loire Princesse: Day 2, Nantes to Saint-Nazaire

Croissants on the morning breakfast buffet. © 2015 Ralph Grizzle
Croissants on the morning breakfast buffet. © 2015 Ralph Grizzle

This morning, after a buffet breakfast in the dining room where I found it hard to resist the flaky, fresh croissants, I watched as Loire Princesse pulled away from the quay and began chugging downriver. Not all guests were on board. They had not purposely “missed the boat,” however. They had opted to do a Nantes city tour and catch up with Loire Princesse at Saint-Nazaire.

Those who stayed on board enjoyed a three-hour transit along the river. As I had done the city tour a couple of days before, I sailed away with Loire Princesse. However, I recommend that for those sailing Loire Princesse, be sure to do the city tour. Nantes is a beautiful city with an intriguing history. And besides, you’ll transit this stretch of river on the way back to Nantes.

Read about touring Nantes and visiting Saint-Nazaire, and a day on Loire Princesse.

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