Dollar-Euro Parity On The Horizon: Starting Packing Your Bags, Europe’s On Sale

That sinking feeling. With the euro plunging toward parity with the dollar, U.S. travelers should rejoice. Europe has not been this cheap for more than a decade.

Some economists are saying that it is a matter of “when, not if” the beleaguered Euro dips to parity with the U.S. dollar. That’s bad news for some — U.S. exporters to Europe, for example — and good news for others — namely, European exporters to the U.S. and travelers to Europe.

If you asked me, I’d tell you to start planning to visit Europe in 2015, and stay as long as possible. It’s been more than a decade since Europe has been this much of a bargain for U.S. travelers. Hotel rooms, dining, drinks and other goods and services  should cost you less than they did a few years ago. How much lower can it go? I’m betting on 1:1 by end of April, if not sooner. Your thoughts?

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