Avid Cruiser Voyages: Egypt and the Nile, River Cruises Testing The Waters


Our Avid Cruiser Voyage is set in a destination that has remained controversial ever since the Arab Spring uprisings that began in December 2010. But Egypt has such an astonishing variety of historic landmarks and cultural attractions on offer that it’s almost as if the country was tailor-made for cruising. Not many of my Facebook friends are courageous enough to visit, just yet. See their comments by visiting my Facebook post below.

Still, Egypt is unique in that it is one of the few countries in the world suited to both river cruising and deep-ocean cruising.  Each of these offer their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, and both allow for the opportunity to visit one of Egypt’s most revered sites: the Valley of the Kings.

For those seeking an in-depth Egyptian experience, it’s hard to beat a dedicated river cruise along the famous Nile River.

These river cruises, like the 12-night Pathways of the Pharaohs itinerary offered by Viking River Cruises, combine both overland journeys and a traditional river cruise experience into a single neat package. See Viking River Cruises Resumes Egyptian River Cruise Tours.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection offers similar cruise/tours. See Uniworld Restarts Egypt River Cruises

Most itineraries will begin in Cairo, where a multi-night stay in a hotel allows guests to get out and explore this vibrant city, or take part in one of the included shore tours that whisk guests further afar, to the magnificent Pyramids of Giza. You can also visit the gallery containing the riches of one of the most Pharaohs of all, King Tutankhamen.

Following Cairo, most tours proceed to Luxor, where guests can take part in an optional hot air balloon ride over the Luxor’s famous temples and monuments. This, of course, is followed by visits to more cities, historic sites and antiquities than most will ever experience in a lifetime. It is, quite possibly, the quintessential Avid Cruiser Voyage.

Uncommon journeys like this are part and parcel of every single Nile river cruise. It’s why we recommend them so highly. But you’ve also probably heard a lot in the news media about Egypt and their continuing political unrest.  And to say that there’s not unrest and that the situation in Egypt doesn’t remain fluid would be foolhardy.

Many deep-ocean river cruises will typically include an overnight call on a major Egyptian port like Port Said or Safaga, allowing cruisers to go further inland and, on some lines, even participate in overnight excursions. The ability to visit and take in the splendours of Egypt – even if only momentarily – still make these voyages worthy, as the additional mix of Mediterranean ports (typically in Greece, Turkey and Italy) will give travellers a more well-rounded understanding of the early civilizations that have long characterized this area.

What’s your opinion? Would you visit Egypt?

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