From My Balcony, Icebergs: Antarctica Explored, A Photo A Day

Seabourn Quest Balcony Antarctica
From My Balcony: Seabourn Quest boasts more balconies than any other vessel offering Antarctic exploration. The balconies proved to be a valuable feature for guests. The ability to open your stateroom door and “step out into Antarctica” greatly enhanced the Antarctic experience. Wasn’t it cold outside? During the summer months, December through March in the Southern Hemisphere, temperatures typically are around the freezing mark but it’s a dry cold. With the parka that Seabourn provides, battling the elements was no problem at all. © 2014 Avid Travel Media

Yesterday, I wrote about an ‘Iceberg Ahead’ Our First Encounter With The White Continent and how guests gathered on the outer decks to view the floating chunk of ice. While Seabourn Quest was maneuvering to allow us to see all sides of the iceberg, I returned to my stateroom to enjoy the spectacle from my balcony. In fact, during our entire exploration of Antarctica, I found the balcony to be an invaluable asset. The ability to step from your stateroom into Antarctica is a pretty “cool” feature.

While it was too chilly to have breakfast on the balcony, it wasn’t too chilly to step out onto it to admire the views and to breathe in the Antarctic air. Temperatures hovered around the freezing mark, sometimes a few degrees lower or higher. Seabourn provides parkas to its guests, with removable shells, so stepping outside simply required slipping on the parka — or only the liner — and opening the balcony door.

The balcony often framed beautiful settings, such as the iceberg. It was like having Antarctic in HD right in my stateroom, and while you don’t need a balcony to experience Antarctica, having access to one does enhance the experience.

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