Holiday Greetings: Antarctica Explored, A Photo A Day

Santa Hat Ralph Grizzle
Seasons Greetings from Neko Harbor in Antarctica. © 2014 Avid Travel Media Inc.

Yesterday, I wrote about a woman who went Christmas shopping on the White Continent. I failed to garner gifts, but I did don a Santa hat to wish my friends happy holidays from Antarctica. My only regret is that I blocked beautiful Seabourn Quest with my big thumb. Sorry Bjørn.

You’d be surprised at what people pack in order to get great photographs in Antarctica. I’ve met several people on my two trips to the White Continent who removed their winter layers to reveal tuxedoes. Those made for great photos on Facebook. One man, an Australian named Steve, stripped down to a speedo and posed for a photo in the icy waters near the Zodiac — only up to his ankles, though. Even at that, he could only stand a few minutes in the cold water.

I’m not sure what Seabourn Quest Expedition Team Leader Robin West was wearing during his wedding here in this very spot, Neko Harbor, but I’m sure he was appropriately attired for the ceremony. Think about that for a moment: a wedding here, among glaciers and penguins. That’s pretty cool, in all the ways.

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