An Unexpected Diversion Causes Us To Chart A New Course: Antarctica Explored, A Photo A Day

Captain Bjarne Larsen
On the bridge of Seabourn Quest, Captain Bjarne Larsen shows how he intends to make up for lost time to reach the Falkland Islands. © 2014 Avid Travel Media Inc.

Antarctica is not a place that you jaunt off to unprepared. First, visitors to Antarctica have more demanding packing lists than they would have if they were simply wandering about the south of France or the Caribbean islands. Ships must be prepared too. There is the proper provisioning of supplies, including food and, not of insignificance, fine wines and champagne on the all-inclusive luxury vessel Seabourn Quest.

Let’s flip back the page of history for a moment: The Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton was well prepared when he sailed to Antarctica in 1914. But he did not expect his ship to be crushed by ice and sink 10 months later. The story of how he and his men survived is a remarkable one and recommended reading for all adventurous souls.

Back to the beginning of our voyage: We had an ominous start leaving Buenos Aires. A storm whipped up and lashed Seabourn Quest with gale force winds.

Three of us were outside, under cover, filming the events of the evening. I saw the shadowy outline of cargo vessel pass us spinning out of control. Check out the drama in A Stormy Night On Seabourn Quest En Route To Antarctica

Was the storm portending what lie ahead for us?

The next day after we had left Montevideo, Seabourn Quest suffered a loss of a small electrical part that caused a power outage to the ship’s navigation system. Workmen repaired the issue, using a spare part.The captain deemed it imprudent, however, to continue to Antarctic waters without an additional spare part in case the navigation system failed again.

We diverted to Puerto Madryn, Argentina. causing us to lose two days. At stake: a scheduled call in the Falkland Islands and possibly Antarctica itself.

Read the remarkable story of how the captain managed to continue the voyage to Antarctica, with a stop on a stunningly beautiful day in Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands. See On Seabourn Quest: A Diversion Meets With Disappointment, Then Something Remarkable Happened

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