The Most Beautiful Accommodations At Sea? Check Out Our New Video Featuring Europa 2’s Suites

Enjoy our video featuring the range of suites and accommodations on Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ Europa 2. Also be sure to see, The Avid Cruiser’s Europa 2 Video Review and check out live coverage from Europa 2 this week as Aaron Saunders sails from Istanbul to Kusadasi.

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  • Great Video. Thank you. Brings back fond memories. I am looking forward to being back aboard this December. A nice Caribbean cruise with an Europa2 twist.

    • Hi Bsorge. The price is high. But I have to say, when they are performing at their top capability, overall Europa and Europa2 are the best. I have had 5 cruises aboard Europa and this coming December trip will be my second cruise aboard Europa2. 4 of my 5 past cruises aboard Europa were outstanding. The last cruise a little less so as some of their more experienced staff moved over to Europa2 and service was not at their best. Almost as though they were resting on their laurels. My first cruise aboard Europa2 was soon after launching, so a little tolerance was in order and they needed it. I am hoping my upcoming December trip revalidates my high regard. I have been very impressed with the level of service aboard Crystal and Sea Dream.

  • Great video Ralph, very nicely shows off the light and space on this uber contemporary ship!


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