Video Review: What’s It Like Cruising CroisiEurope’s Botticelli For $175 Per Day Per Person?

Exploring CroisiEurope’s Botticelli — in Video

Take our guided tour of CroisiEurope’s Botticelli as we sail through the majestic landscapes of France — aboard a European river cruise line that arguably knows Europe like the back of its hand. There’s good reason for that: Headquartered in Strasbourg, CroisiEurope boasts nearly four decades of experience in operating voyages along the waterways of France and Europe. The company also does so at a price point that’s far less than what most North American lines are charging: roughly $175 per day per person.

CroisiEurope bills itself as the low price river leader in Europe, and it’s a badge of honor the line wears proudly. So what can you expect from CroisiEurope and Botticelli for less than $200 per day per person? Watch the above video to find out.

More information on CroisiEurope’s Botticelli can be found by viewing our complete company and ship profiles on our sister site, River Cruise Advisor.

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