A Love Letter To Alaska: Wrapping Up A Live Voyage Report Aboard Star Princess

John Muir wrote of Alaska: “Going to the mountains is going home.” © 2014 Gail Jessen
John Muir wrote of Alaska: “Going to the mountains is going home.” © 2014 Gail Jessen

Like many of you who have commented, I’ve enjoyed reading Gail Jessen’s Live Voyage Reports from Alaska. A newly minted travel writer, Gail shared fresh perspectives about what it’s like to explore the Great Land aboard Princess Cruises’ Star Princess. I particularly enjoyed Gail’s report from her next-to-final day on board when she discovered that Alaska had successfully seduced her and impressed upon her its enduring majesty and grandeur. Here’s how she begins that report, with a link to the full story, and links to her day-by-day reports from a place that turned out to be mystical and magical. I encourage you to read and click — and explore the Great Land with Gail. — Ralph Grizzle

Every time I travel I fall in love. Movement seduces me. My wanderlust is palpable, an insatiable ache. This is true for every vagabond soul I’ve met. I’ve been wandering long enough to not confuse this love with a naive crush on travel. My love is seasoned and unconditional. I love the bad days, the tired days, the beautiful days, the productive days, the rainy days.

Yet my soul spends too much time inside concrete jungles, offices, four straight walls. I’ve been craving a wild travel experience. I want endless space and crisp air. I fantasize about virgin land unexplored by man. I need pure silence. There was no option but The Last Frontier. Naturalist John Muir said Alaska is “hopelessly beyond description.” Author Miranda Weiss writes that “people move to Alaska to find themselves, but also to get lost. [They’re] in search of some indefinable hybrid of adventure, wilderness, and what I imagined would be a simpler life. I think we all wanted to know what we would look like in front of a backdrop of wilderness, who we would become once the fancy clothes and high ambitions were stripped away.” Read the rest of the story on Live Voyage Reports

Or read about Gail’s voyage, day-by-day

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