Golden Sunset In Greece On Europa 2

Europa 2 Nafplio
Europa 2 anchored in Nafplio in the Peloponnese, Greece. © 2014 Ralph Grizzle

As Europa 2 approached the Peloponnese peninsula, I woke up with sunrise, which according to the daily program delivered each evening to my suite, was at 6:19 this morning. Sunlight filtered into the room through the sheer curtains pulled across the sliding glass door that leads out onto the spacious veranda. There are heavier curtains should I wish to shut out the light altogether, but I enjoy as much exposure as possible to the elements, which is why I also enjoy having the veranda.

I walked out onto the veranda and surveyed the approach. At 8 a.m. we would drop anchor just off Nafplio. I had been here before, with my son, who was 16 years old at the time. We climbed the 999 steps to the top of Fortress Palamidi, where the views were spectacular. From the look of the morning, the views would be no less impressive today.

Breakfast At The Yacht Club

Europa 2, The Yacht Club
Early morning at The Yacht Club on Europa 2. © 2014 Ralph Grizzle

First, however, I needed to fortify myself with breakfast at The Yacht Club, aft on deck 10. It’s one of the most beautiful buffet-style dining areas afloat, primarily because of the light woods and the fact that it is so open. As is the case on many ships, Europa 2 features outside space for dining, but The Yacht Club’s interior space also opens onto the aft terrace, weather-permitting, creating the sense of an al fresco dining room.

Europa 2, The Yacht Club
Preparing for breakfast guests at The Yacht Club. © 2014 Ralph Grizzle

When I sauntered up to The Yacht Club at 7 a.m., sunlight was streaming in. Indeed, morning had broken, and I could smell the freshness of the sea breeze and feel the warmth of the golden sunlight. I was the only guest in The Yacht Club at this early hour. Staff was making the area ready for breakfast, artfully aligning the selection of fresh-baked breads, arranging the bowls of exotic and not-so-exotic fruits and putting everything in order.

Europa 2, The Yacht Club breakfast
Readying for breakfast in The Yacht Club. © 2014 Ralph Grizzle

Europa 2 features one of the best breakfast selections I’ve ever seen on a ship. I loaded a bowl with fruits and berries to get me started. From a waitress who approached my table, I ordered a latte machiatto and a freshly made carrot juice, something that I have discovered I enjoy. With my comfort foods before me, I picked up today’s International New York Times, which had been delivered to my suite before breakfast, and browsed the headlines.

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