From Australia To Athens To Alaska, Three Live Voyage Reports In May From Silver Discoverer, Europa 2 & Star Princess

Live Voyage Reports
From Australia to Athens to Alaska, we bring you three Live Voyage Reports in May from Silver Discoverer, Europa 2 & Star Princess. The journey begins this week.

Probably the closest you can come to cruising without stepping on board a ship is to follow a section of our site that is tucked away, but rapidly growing. That section is called Live Voyage Reports, and this month, three writers will be reporting from three diverse voyages, the first of which begins this week.

Silver Discoverer, Broome to Bali

Aaron Saunders reports from Silver Discoverer, where he’ll cruise from Broome (Australia) To Bali (Indonesia) May 9 through May 24. You can preview Aaron’s voyage on Live Voyage Reports.

I was on Silver Discoverer for a single night back in March, when Silversea christened its third expedition vessel in Singapore. Check out Silver Discoverer Is Christened In Singapore As Silversea Cruises Celebrates 20 Years and A Photo Tour Of Silversea Cruises’ New Silver Discoverer.

Europa 2, Greece To Malta

This month, I’ll be on Europa 2, a name that often draws blank stares when I mention it to my North American colleagues. Most have never heard of the vessel, and those who have confuse it with the older Europa, which is now being marketed almost exclusively to German-speaking travelers.

Europa 2 is a new luxury vessel operated by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. It is the most spacious passenger ship afloat and one of the most beautiful.  To get a sense of the vessel, check out Seven Reasons Why Europa 2 Can Command The Luxury Cruise Segment’s Highest Prices — For Now and Photo Tour & Five Things I Like About Europa 2.

Preview my voyage, which takes place May 13 through May 18, on Live Voyage Reports.

Star Princess, San Francisco To Skagway — And Back

A chance meeting a couple of years ago resulted in our welcoming aboard Gail Jessen. Gail is a Salt Lake City based writer who will be reporting for us from Star Princess as she and the ship make their way from San Francisco to Skagway — and back.

Gail wrote an engaging piece that will tell you who she is and how she became a travel writer. You will find her post here. For inspiration alone, it is recommended reading.

Preview Gail’s voyage on Live Voyage Reports.

A Dozen Voyages & Counting

What started as a blank slate in November of last year now features a dozen past Live Voyage Reports (you’ll find a calendar of those past voyages here) with three to come this month, and much more ahead.

I hope you’ll join us as we pack our luggage (or in my case, zip up the bags that remain packed from my last trip) and wheel it through train stations and airports to board yet another vessel and experience a new series of exciting voyages.

Once aboard, we will poise our cameras to compose what our eyes see, lift the lids on our laptops to write about what we experience and work late hours into the evening to bring the voyages home to you — reports from our cruises while we are cruising.

Reading our reports really is as close as you can get to being there without actually being on board. In that spirit, I invite you to follow Aaron, Gail and me as we set out to sea and file missives from our adventures each day.

Bon voyage, Ralph Grizzle

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