A Favorite Of Mine: A Sea Day On Europa 2

Europa 2, Silver Sea
A sea day, one of the most enjoyable days of any cruise, as Europa 2 makes its way from Nafplio to Corfu. © 2014 Ralph Grizzle

Today, one of my favorite days on any cruise: a sea day.

Europa 2 is making its way from Nafplio, where we enjoyed a tour to antiquity and a beautiful golden sunset yesterday, to Corfu.

With no ports of call today, there are fewer decisions to make: to tender ashore or to stay on board, to tour or not to tour? That’s not to say that the day is devoid of activity. In fact, a reader emailed me to ask about the activities available on Europa 2. They are plentiful and varied.

Read the full story on Live Voyage Reports.

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