Avid Cruiser Feature Video: Sampling Local Wines With Seabourn’s Sommelier

Video Transcript

One of the fun things to do on Seabourn is to try the complimentary local wines. And to do that, I’m with Philippe, the head sommelier on Seabourn Quest, and we’re going to head out into Mykonos and find some wines, right?

Philippe: I’m sure we’re going to find some very local wines, right from this place – very popular [wines], to give the experience to our guests.

Ralph: Let’s go.

Philippe: Allons-y!

Ralph: If you enjoy wine and you’re traveling in Europe, of course, you’ll want to try local European wines. Just as you’ll have the chance to sample regional cuisine when sailing Seabourn, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy complimentary regional wines. If you’re cruising along the coast of France, you’ll be able to sample local French wines. Cruising Italy? Sip Italian wine. Here in Greece, what better way to get the best Greek wines than to head ashore with the sommelier?

Ralph: So Philippe, what are you looking for here.

Philippe: I’m looking for the Retsina, the local wine from Greece made with a special process. The process they use resin from the tree. This is a really, really special wine from Greece.

Ralph: Should we take one of those?

Philippe: Why not?

Ralph: That was pretty fun!

Ralph: Part of the fun of this experience was seeing the local color of Mykonos – along with its famous pelicans.

Ralph: Back on Seabourn Quest we sampled the wine we had purchased, and I have to say, it met with our approval.

Ralph: Local wines are just one of the many things you’ll get to experience on your next Seabourn cruise. Santé!

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