On Live Voyage Reports: Day 8 – Cruising The Rhine To Rüdesheim & Final Thoughts On A-ROSA Silva

A-ROSA Silva
Mid-morning: cruising along the Rhine on A-ROSA Silva. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

Early this morning we sailed away from Koblenz, having overnighted in this confluential city where the Rhine absorbs the Moselle and meanders to the North Sea. Most of the morning was shrouded in mist, which seemed somehow appropriate as we would soon be passing the mystical Lorelei. The rocks, and the eponymous maiden who sits like a queen on them, have lured many sailors and boats to peril. A-ROSA Silva would, of course, skirt danger and arrive as scheduled in Rüdesheim.

A-ROSA Silva
Cruising along the Rhine river on A-ROSA Silva. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle
A-ROSA Silva
Cruising along the Rhine river on A-ROSA Silva. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle
A-ROSA Silva
Cruising along the Rhine river on A-ROSA Silva. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

I particularly enjoyed my last day on board A-ROSA Silva. At 10 p.m., I fly from Frankfurt to Buenos Aires, a 14-hour flight that begins a new adventure, exploring Antarctica.

On A-ROSA Silva, however, it was time to say good-bye to the many good people I had met. There were Canadians, citizens of a nation that should be nominated as the world’s friendliest people; there were Americans, my fellow countrymen; and then there were Texans, Californians and New Yorkers — yes, also Americans, but … well, you know how they are.

I enjoyed meeting them all and hearing what they had to say about A-ROSA Silva. Most of the people I talked with had only good things to say about the vessel, the crew and their experiences. In fact, one consistency among all guests who shared their thoughts with me was the praise they had for the crew. Indeed, the men and women of A-ROSA Silva did an outstanding job. They are highly trained and professional, but more than that, they are personable and accessible, and they seemed genuinely eager to please, whether that means crafting a beautiful latte macchiato or preparing a bicycle for an afternoon of touring (both are free of charge, by the way).

A-ROSA Silva
The corporate pastry chef prepares for a Valrhona chocolate presentation and tasting on A-ROSA Silva. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

Guests also praised the dining experiences. The presentation and quality of the food was outstanding, as were the wines, many selected by Mario Braun …

Read the rest of the story on Live Voyage Reports.

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