That’s Entertainment, Seabourn Style: Avid Cruiser Feature Video

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When evening falls on Seabourn, that’s when the real stars come out. So grab a complimentary glass of champagne, and let’s go be entertained.

Each night of your Seabourn cruise, you’re free to take a seat up close to watch as a talented cast of performers, singers, dancers and musicians give their all to make sure that you are thoroughly entertained. Enjoy high-energy shows or solo acts by guest performers or simply sit back to be serenaded by singers on stage or in the Club. The evening is yours.

During the day, attend lectures featuring noted experts in an ongoing enrichment series known as Seabourn Conversations.

If lectures are too cerebral for your tastes, you’ll find parties on the pool deck, both day and night. You can even the dance the evening away under the stars. To slow down the pace and end the evening, head up to the Observation Bar for a nightcap and some relaxing piano music.

I can certainly say that I was thoroughly entertained when I cruised on Seabourn Quest this past summer, from the enrichment lectures known as Seabourn Conversations to the production shows to the acoustic melodies in the Club to the piano music in the Observation Lounge.

As they say, “That’s Entertainment.” And I would add this, “That’s Entertainment, Seabourn Style.”

Seabourn Entertainment
Entertainers on Seabourn Quest. © 2013 Chris Stanley

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