Click This Photo For Inspiration: Sorrento From My Seabourn Quest Veranda


I’m not certain that the photograph accompanying this post will do justice to the view from my veranda. Click on it, and if all works as intended, a larger version of the photo will appear on your display. If you’re viewing on your iPhone or another mobile device, bookmark this page and view it later on a larger display.

In front of me, in the direction of Seabourn Quest’s bow, the sun casts its amber glow on low clouds lingering over rounded peaks. The scene gives me a feeling of the exotic and mystical. The Sorrento sun reflects onto the sea, shining on a lonely sailboat making its way to shore. The morning mist, mixed with funnels of smoke, billows above the village of Sorrento, with its colorful houses and buildings perched on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Other vantage points from Seabourn Quest this morning reveal the magic island of Capri, Mount Vesuvius, its crown enshrouded by clouds, and the winding Amalfi Coast. It is a beautiful morning here on the coast of Italy and from my veranda on Seabourn Quest.

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