Northwest Skåne: 36 Hours In Helsingborg, Sweden & Beyond

Costa Cruises, Hamlet's Castle
A Costa Cruises’ vessel passing between Sweden and Denmark, with Hamlet’s Castle in the background. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

I spent this weekend touring one of the world’s most beautiful — and varied — regions, Northwest Skåne (pronounced Scona), situated in the south of Sweden, only an hour away from Copenhagen.

In 36 hours we visited a palace, with gardens that were named Europe’s most beautiful; a farm that grows 83 varieties of tomatoes and provisioning more than 700 restaurants; an old ceramics factory that has been converted into a one-of-a-kind market, with its old kilns intact and serving as the centerpieces of the market. Our lunch there was an affair to remember.

Less than 20 minutes later we were in a nature preserve that has been called a “condensed New Zealand.” Weather — and time — permitting, we could have hiked, mountain-biked, kayaked, gone diving, swimming and many other activities.

A short drive later brought us to Flickorna Lundgren, where a former King of Sweden enjoyed the Vanilla Hearts cake — and so did we.

We dropped by Båstad, Sweden’s tennis capital. If Sweden had a French Riviera, this would be it. Nearby, we visited the former farm home of opera performer Birgit Nilsson and now an excellent museum celebrating her life. We marveled at woven carpets at Märta Måås Fjätterström, where we could have easily dropped $25,000 for a vintage carpet — if only we had that kind of spare cash.

We enjoyed a marvelous lunch way off the beaten path at Stollaby Krog, where dishes were adorned with such exotic items as dried cod skin and weeds — not only inventive but also delicious. We drove back across a gorgeous landscape to Helsingborg, and after a rest, then a walk along the beach, we had a late dinner at Sillen & Makrillen, where the views, as you can see in the photo above, were as good as the food.

It was amazing to find such variety so readily accessible and such quality experiences, including the cuisine. This is a region rich in experiences, yet largely undiscovered but ready to welcome avid cruisers.

In the photo: A Costa Cruises’ vessel passing between Sweden and Denmark, with Hamlet’s Castle in the background.

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Visit Northwest Skåne and Helsingborg on the web.

Read more about Helsingborg on Avid Cruiser.

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  • That slideshow is stunning. There were images that literally took my breath away. Perfect light for a weekend adventure like that.


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