Toward Further Enrichment: Silversea Partners With Royal Geographic Society

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Toward further enrichment through expedition cruises: To enhance its already-rich expedition cruises, Silversea Cruises has partnered with London’s Royal Geographical Society, whose historic collections contain more than 2 million items, including more than 1 million maps, 500,000 photographs, 250,000 books and journals, manuscripts, and iconic artifacts.

Some of the most rewarding travel that I’ve experienced was presented to me on small ships, and specifically, small expedition ships.

A couple of years ago, I spent nearly two weeks on Silver Explorer, which showed me a side of the Caribbean I had never seen, despite numerous trips to the region during the past two decades. Read more about that journey in Summing Up Silver Explorer: On Zodiacs, Adventures Ashore & Opportunities For You To Experience An Expedition, Silversea Style.

Now expedition cruising is about to get better as Silversea is introducing a new ship and a new partnership to further enhance its already-rich expedition cruises.

Interested in expedition cruises? Check out the offerings at Silversea Cruises’ microsite, Silversea Expeditions.

Silversea Introduces A New Ship & A New Partnership

Later this year, Silversea will introduce a second expedition vessel, the Silver Galapagos, and as the name implies, the new vessel will specialize in exploring the Ecuadorian islands that are renowned for their endemic species, which, coincidentally, were studied by Charles Darwin while he cruised on a 19th-century assuredly less-luxurious expedition vessel, the HMS Beagle.

And to enhance its expedition cruises, Silversea has partnered with London’s Royal Geographical Society (along with the Institute of British Geographers), founded nearly 200 years ago to advance geographical science. The Society’s role will be to provide detailed scientific and historical information to Silversea guests embarking on life-changing expeditions worldwide on both Silver Explorer and Silver Galapagos.

Expedition cruises take sea lanes less traveled. I had “Been There, Done That” in the Caribbean, but Silver Explorer showed me a side that I had not seen, thanks to the vessel’s Expedition Leaders who pushed the envelope to create memorable experiences in destinations accustomed to offering only the tried and true. © 2011 Ralph Grizzle

Expedition guests will have a lot from which to benefit. In the Society’s historic collections are more than 2 million items, including more than 1 million maps, 500,000 photographs, 250,000 books and journals, manuscripts, and iconic artifacts that date back as far as 1482, a year before Columbus sailed from the Canary Islands, unknowingly, to the Bahamas.

Founded in 1830, the Royal Geographical Society is a respected professional body for geography and geographers and is one of the largest and most innovative geographical societies in the world, as well as Europe’s largest. The Society has been a notable supporter and communicator of the work of geographical explorers and scientists, including the aforementioned Charles Darwin, plus other renowned explorers such as Dr. David Livingstone, Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton and Sir Edmund Hillary.

Silversea’s CEO Enzo Visone says the new partnership “will bring incredible historic and current geographical information to our guests, as well as unite two experts in their respective fields.”

About Silversea’s Galapagos Voyages

Silversea recently announced new voyages to Galápagos. The year-round schedule of 7-day expedition voyages aboard the 100-guest, all-suite Silver Galapagos will begin operating in late September 2013 and feature the following options:

  • Western Itinerary: Sailing Saturday to Saturday roundtrip from Baltra Island, Silver Galapagos will trace a path across the western, southern and eastern islands, including Santiago, Bartolomé, Isabela, Fernandina, Floreana, San Cristóbal, and Santa Cruz.
  • North Central Itinerary: Sailing Saturday to Saturday roundtrip from Baltra Island, this itinerary encompasses the northeast, central and southeast islands of Santa Cruz, Genovesa, Seymour Norte, San Cristóbal, Española, and Plazas Sur.

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