As Oscar Night Beckons, Our Top Cruise Videos

Life is punctuated by small accomplishments. This past week on Avid Cruiser, such punctuation came as an exclamation mark: Our combined views of cruise videos on Youtube and Avid Cruiser Video Podcasts passed 1.5 million!

Okay, so 1.5 million views is next to nothing compared to Gangnam Style, with 1,347,743,942 views — and counting. If only our writers could sing and dance (and were slightly more South Korean).

But 1.5 million is not bad for a venture that started on a whim seven years ago as a way to help viewers experience what we were seeing on our cruises. Since 2006, we’ve produced more than 350 cruise videos about ships and cruise destinations — all of them aimed at one or two things: entertainment, or helping you make informed cruise vacation decisions.

We’ve been dusting off some of our older videos this week. What we’re presenting is not necessarily the most viewed videos or the most “liked,” but they’re the ones we had fun producing and that we think you’ll enjoy.

They’re not presented in any specific order — or hierarchy — either. Number 5 could just have easily appeared in slot number 1, for example.

During the next couple of weeks, we’ll be reintroducing you to our top cruise videos in future installments of the Avid Cruiser newsletter. So in a nod to Oscar night, here are our first nominees for Avid Cruiser’s top cruise videos.

1. Video Stateroom Review: Best-Value Staterooms On Princess Cruises, Mini-Suites


2. Avid Cruiser Feature Video: What Silversea Cruises Does Differently


3. Two Perfect Days Stockholm: An Avid Cruiser Feature Video


4. The Avid Cruiser Takes On Le Thoronet Abbey


5. Cruising Atlantic Canada: Halifax, Saint John, Sydney & Beyond


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