The Avid Cruiser: On Vacation

Churchill Arms Pub
Enjoying a pint with friends at Churchill Arms pub in London. © Someone else

I’m on a bit of an odd trip: a vacation. Seriously, if you follow the Avid Cruiser blog, and in fact, if you know a thing or two about me, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that I spend my life on vacation.

This was by design, I remind you. My intent as a teen was to find a career that would allow me to travel. I thought about majoring in English and becoming a travel writer, but all of the English majors I knew were broke, and they weren’t going anywhere.

So I majored in journalism instead. The journalism majors were even more broke than the English majors, but journalists could travel.

I started my career working as a roving reporter for the American Society of Travel Agents, reporting for the organization’s trade magazine from destinations worldwide.

Life was wonderful, as countries rolled out the red carpet to welcome me to explore and write about all that they offered tourists. From there, I went on to cover the cruise industry and became, somewhat to my surprise, the Avid Cruiser.

But I am digressing.

My intent was to tell you about my vacation. I plan on spending a few days in Vienna followed by a week in Berlin. Why? Because I love these two cities.

Afterward, I have a few more weeks to blow, so I thought I would head to London.

I’d be curious to know, if you could spend a week anywhere in Europe, where would it be? I’m looking for inspiration.

Winter is a great time to travel Europe. Airfares are low (I flew business class to Vienna – well I haven’t reach Vienna yet – for 50,000 points), and hotel rates are in the basement (I’ll be staying at a Ritz-Carlton in Berlin for around $165 per night).

There is one downside to traveling in winter: delays and cancellations. I’m stuck at Heathrow at the moment, thanks to snowfall so heavy at Vienna’s airport that only a few planes are landing. After numerous delays, my flight departs in a few hours. We’ll see if I make it.

If my flight in cancelled, I may head into London, and back to one of my favorite pubs, Churchill Arms. That’s where the picture above was taken, sharing a pint with a couple of friends I met there.

Anyway, time to get back to what I was doing: sipping on a Bulmers Original Premium Quality Cider and doing something I rarely do, vacationing.

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