Feature Video: The Avid Cruiser Takes On Les Embiez, France

We spent some time this past September on the beautiful island of Les Embiez, situated in the south of France and featured in this Avid Cruiser video.

The only way to and from Les Embiez is by boat, but it’s only 12 minutes  from the nearby town of Le Brusc across a beautiful stretch of the Mediterranean Sea.

The 6.7-square-mile island features a wide diversity of activities and attractions, including a beautiful coastline punctuated with hidden sandy coves. There are even vineyards on the island, which of course means that you can count on finding some fine local wines.

Les Embiez is a nature-lover’s island. You’ll find nature trails, bike paths, coves for snorkeling and kayaking and stunning views around every corner. For an overview, you could start with the scenic tourist train which does a circuit of the entire island — or do as we did, and go by bicycle.

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