Best Cafes To Explore Coffee Culture In Vienna

There are so many cafés in Vienna that it would be foolish to try to single out one as the best. I was told on my last visit that since 1683, when the Viennese discovered bags of coffee left behind by Turkish troops, more than 2,800 coffee houses have been opened in Vienna. We won’t be covering all of those. Here, however, are some of the top contenders.

I visited Café Sacher, home of the Sacher-Torte, arguably the world’s most famous chocolate cake. I dropped in to Café Demel, which boasts some of the best pastries in Vienna. I stopped by Café Landtmann, Freud’s favorite, and Café Hawelka, which appealed to me because it was (and is) a meeting place for writers and artists.

Spending an hour or so appreciating Viennese coffee culture is a not-to-be-missed experience. Oh, if you need a tip about what type of coffee to order when you visit a Viennese coffee house, see Viennese Coffee Culture. I go for the Melange, which is like a cappuccino, dusted with either cinnamon, coco powder or coffee powder.

Freud Frequented Here: Café Landtmann

Café Landtmann
Too Young To Have Served Freud: The waiter is at the right place, but wrong century at Sigmund Freud’s favorite Viennese café: Café Landtmann. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle
Café Landtmann
The elegant dining room at Café Landtmann. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

Kleines Café

Kleines Cafe Vienna
The “Little Cafe” is among Vienna’s secret treasures, a friend of ours who lives in Vienna told us. Unfortunately, we found it too smoky (from cigarettes) to tolerate. The cafe was designed by architect Hermann Czech in the 1970s, and it is said to exude a Bohemian atmosphere reminiscent of Vienna’s heady Jugendstil days. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle
Kleines Cafe Vienna Winter 2013
If I were to take up smoking, I would definitely spend time at Kleines Cafe. Or return during the summer when there is outdoor seating on Franziskanerplatz. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

For The Creative Class: Café Hawelka

Hawelka Cafe
Café Hawelka was a meeting point for the so-called coffee-house poets, a group of intellectuals around the Fin de Siecle. They worked mainly at the local coffee houses, which served as living rooms for many Viennese of the time. If you feel a creative calling, visit Café Hawelka when in Vienna. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

Café Sacher

Cafe Sacher
Come on in for some cake at Cafe Sacher – or stay at Hotel Sacher and simply walk down from your room. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

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What type of coffee to order when you visit a Viennese coffee house? See Viennese Coffee Culture

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