Mind The Gap: Skipping Ships From SeaDream To Silversea

SeaDream II & Silver Cloud in Virgin Gorda. © 2009 Ralph Grizzle

A day like today does not come often. I disembarked SeaDream I in Lisbon, connected via Madrid to Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands, and stepped on board Silver Cloud.

Then, I found a photo that I had taken in 2009, when SeaDream II (sister to SeaDream I) and Silver Cloud were anchored just a few ship length’s away from one another off the coast of Virgin Gorda.

A lucky shot for sure, and one that prepares me for the transition from one ship to another.

I’m excited about crossing the Atlantic on Silver Cloud. With a little luck, we will enjoy some beautiful days at sea.

The sea days also give me time to look at what’s new on Silver Cloud, and that comprises a big list.

As she departs Las Palmas at 11 p.m. tonight, Silver Cloud sails away with a stylishly renovated shipboard environment brimming with a host of new enhancements. I’ve only been on board for a few hours, but I can already make this observation: The makeover has indeed imbued Silver Cloud with the fresh and contemporary classic atmosphere that Silversea had hoped to achieve with this stem-to-stern refurbishment, costing, well, a lot.

I’ll be taking a look at the enhancements and snapping lots of photos that I’ll post here on the Avid Cruiser blog and on our Flickr and Pinterest accounts once our journey is underway. Already readers are asking me to snap specific photos. Got a request? Ask.

Now, however, it’s nearly 11 p.m., and I’m headed out to my balcony to watch the sail away. Then, after spending the day in Tenerife tomorrow, I’ll step back on board as we chart a course to St. John’s, Antigua, arriving on November 9, an exciting adventure on a beautiful ship.

Until tomorrow . . .

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