Ten Reasons That You’ll Love This Small, Old Ship

On Thursday, I board a tried-and-true vessel. Can you guess the name?

They say that with age comes wisdom. Well, no doubt that growing older carries many virtues, and in the spirit of appreciating the refinements that come with age, today I board a United Airlines flight en route to Barcelona, where I will transfer to a vessel that has operated for nearly three decades.

Despite the age of the vessel, I am reasonably sure that she will, once again, deliver one of the best travel experiences of my life. In fact, during the next seven days, I will be updating an article I wrote a few years ago outlining 10 reasons that you may want to hop on board.

To make it interesting for you avid cruisers, I won’t reveal the name of the vessel just yet, but you’re free to guess in the comments section below. (Can’t see the comments section? Click here and scroll down.)

I notch up another year myself two days after boarding, when I turn 55, and, of course, an infinitely [insert adjectives here] man on a refined vessel that still promises to deliver one of the world’s best travel experiences.

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