Look What You Get On SeaDream, Custom-Embroidered With Your Name On Them

First night on board and something comfortable to slip into: custom-embroidered pajamas on SeaDream I. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

A few hours ago, SeaDream I sailed from its berth at Barcelona’s World Trade Center — with me on board.

The fact that I am here mutes yesterday’s mystery, when I asked readers to identify the Small, Old Ship I’d be boarding today. Several responded correctly, not surprising given the average IQ of the  avid cruiser reader — which is, of course, stratospheric.

Tired after the long flight across the Atlantic Ocean, I was happy to find the custom-embroidered pajamas on my bed tonight. I’ll soon slip into those and slumber away into a vivid sea dream.

The pajamas are just one of the small touches that make sailing on SeaDream such a special experience. I’ll be looking at a lot more of these types of experiences and other ways that this small company differentiates itself as the days progress.

The week ahead, in fact, promises to be a good one as we yacht from Barcelona to Lisbon. I encourage you to follow along this journey, and ask questions about SeaDream, the company itself or either of its two vessels.

Time to slip into those pajamas. Good night all . . .

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