Dining On SeaDream I: Raw Foods & Gourmet Cuisine

SeaDream offers Raw Food menu options each evening. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

Since the first of the year there has been a new choice for health-aware cruisers: Raw Food being served on SeaDream Yacht Club’s twin yachts.

Last night, I thought I would give it a try, and guess what? I enjoyed it.

The dishes were tasty, and if the experts are right, I was also getting some health benefits.

“Raw” refers to a style of preparation in which all ingredients are raw, organic and vegan (no fish, meat, eggs or dairy). To retain all the food’s healthy micro-nutrients, nothing is heated above 118°F.

As you can see, the dishes certainly look tasty, and indeed, they were. If you like artichoke and mushrooms, you would love the dish pictured below, billed on the menu as Fresh Artichoke Bottom with Mushrooms on Mixed Lettuce.

From the “Raw Food” menu on SeaDream I: Fresh Artichoke Bottom with Mushrooms on Mixed Lettuce. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

SeaDream’s Norwegian owners, Linn and Atle Brynestad, said they saw healthy benefits firsthand during an extended stay at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. And so they brought the Raw Food concept to their yachts.

My “Raw Food” dessert: Raw Avocado Key Lime Pie, with Blackberry Sauce. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

For dessert, I had a delicious Raw Avocado Key Like Pie, one of the best desserts I had during the trip, which is saying a lot. You’ll see what I mean as you scroll down this page.

Executive Chef Ondrej Havlicek and his team do a great job from the galley to the table. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

On other nights, I enjoyed dishes from the main menu, except for two nights, one when I enjoyed a special Indian menu and another when a Spanish menu was featured.

Chateaubriand of Beef. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

From the main menu, I enjoyed the Chateaubriand of Beef one evening, served with the complimentary wines.

Wine, spirits, beer, soft drinks, bottled water and specaility teas and coffees are all included in the cost of your SeaDream yachting experience. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

And for dessert, I closed my eyes to the calories and enjoyed the White Chocolate Soufflé with Baileys Ice Cream. Yum!

Tonight, I may want to choose from the Raw Food menu once again, just to get the healthy regimen flowing again — and hit the gym during cocktail hour!

A nice ending to the evening: White Chocolate Soufflé with Baileys Ice Cream. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

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