What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs: Dolls. Royal Caribbean’s Barbie Experience

Diamonds may be a grown girl’s best friend, but for little girls, it’s dolls.

When I was the little girl pictured in the photo above, my dad (Ralph Grizzle, aka, the Avid Cruiser) took my family on a cruise to celebrate my 7th birthday. It was a great trip that I will never forget, and primarily for one reason: a doll.

My grandmother could not be on the cruise with us, but she had an American Girl doll sent to the ship so that I could open my present from her on my birthday.

I think the photo shows how happy I was to receive the doll. It was the best present a little girl could ever hope for.

I’m 17 years old now, and my dad thought it would be fun for me to write about a new Royal Caribbean program featuring another famous doll, Barbie.

For the assignment, he asked me to interview Vicki Freed, Royal Caribbean’s senior vice president of sales. What a coincidence! It was Vicki who helped put us on that birthday cruise a decade ago! Small world, huh?

When I interviewed Vicki, she was excited about the new Barbie Experience, which will go live on Royal Caribbean ships in January 2013. The program will be incorporated on all 22 ships.

I think it’s a great idea. At some point every young girl owns a Barbie, right? And so Royal Caribbean is bringing “the world’s most popular doll to the world’s most innovative cruise line,” Vicki says.

The Barbie Experience costs $349 per child participating, pricey, yes, but you get a lot. Aimed at girls aged 4-11, the package includes a Barbie decorated stateroom, Tiaras & Teacups party, Mermaid dance class, Fashion Designer workshop, and fashion show.

The girls will also get a Royal Caribbean Barbie doll, blanket, pillow case, tote bag, toothbrush and toiletry bag. There will also be complimentary options such as movies and story time.

As a collector of Barbies, Vicki feels certain that young girls will love the Barbie cruise. I couldn’t agree more. Just as I loved my American Doll back when I was a little girl, I’m sure other little girls like me will want to cruise Royal Caribbean for the Barbie Experience.

Say, does anyone know, is Ken still around? — by Britton Frost

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