River Cruising Through Christmas

Today, I am visiting cruise destinations in Provence. I’ll have more about this beautiful trip this weekend. For now, however, we fill this space with River Cruise Advisor’s Aaron Saunders, who writes . . .

It’s time to talk about Christmas. I don’t mean the actual day itself, or any festivities revolving around a certain jolly, red-jacketed fellow. But there is good reason to want to think about Christmas right now, because in a few months’ time, the highly celebrated Christmas Markets river cruises will get underway, and they are an experience you do not want to miss.

Beginning in late November, nearly every major river cruise line will start Christmas Market sailings that traverse the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers as the colors of fall give way to the chill (and maybe even a little snow) of winter.

The elaborate and festive decorations that adorn the Christmas Market in Strasbourg, France. Photo courtesy of the City of Strasbourg.

Along the way, each and every town and city you stop in will have its own distinct Christmas Market, resplendent with every kind of hand-made craft, ornament, toy, chocolate, and candy you can think of. This is no “mass-market” shopping experience; rather, it is a chance to experience a long-held Holiday tradition throughout many parts of Europe.

Read the full story on here.

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