An Artist At Work On Crystal Serenity: Mediterranean Masterpieces By Valerie Freeman

Click on the image to view Mediterranean Masterpieces by Valerie Freeman

While on Crystal Serenity this past July, I met a talented artist who sketches her impressions of destinations and of her experiences while cruising. She’s already one step ahead of Crystal Cruises, which began its “Begin A New Story” brand campaign this past spring. At the campaign’s core is the notion of the travel journal, a personal set of reflections, memories and mementos that travelers collect to remind themselves of their treasured vacation.

I was at the Acropolis on the day Valerie sketched her impressions of the ancient citadel and then dabbed her brushes into watercolors to create the piece in the photo below. As you can see, Valerie is a poet too. I encourage you to check out Valerie’s digital book on Shutterfly, using this link, and her website, Valerie Freeman Art.

Creating poetry and art at the Acropolis, Valerie Freeman.
Acropolistic Art. Valerie Freeman at work in Athens. Check out her website at

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