Picture Postcard From Athens: A Day At The Acropolis

Alex and I at the Acropolis, overlooking the city of Athens.

When Crystal Serenity docked in Piraeus on Thursday, my son Alex and I hopped on Crystal’s free shuttle to Athens, about 20 minutes away. One of the nice things about being on Crystal (and other luxury cruise lines – as well as some Upper Premium Cruise Lines) is that you don’t have to pay extra for shuttle service, as I did a few weeks ago on Carnival Breeze, where the costs ranged from 5 euros to 8 euros per person for full-day use of shuttles between the piers and city centers.

From Piraeus, the shuttle took us all the way to the Hadrian’s Gate at the Plaka, about a 10-minute walk from the Acropolis. We spent a few hours touring the Acropolis in soaring heat. The ruins were spectacular as were the views overlooking the city of Athens.

If you’re going to visit the Acropolis. Cost of entry: 12 euros for me, and free for Alex. Be sure to carry cash or use the ATM before arriving at the entrance. Credit cards are not accepted. Bottled water can be purchased from vending machines for 50 euro cents.

Inspired by the ruins. Crystal Serenity passenger Valerie Freeman captures her impressions in water color. © Ralph Grizzle
The Acropolis was home to the ancient Greek gods. © Ralph Grizzle
Behind us, the Old Temple of Athena, the goddess from which Athens took its name. © Ralph Grizzle
With temperatures soaring to 100F and above, an umbrella provided relief and a nice contrast to the ruins. © Ralph Grizzle

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