From My Balcony: Morning Has Broken, Plus, A Trip To UNESCO World Heritage Site Saint-Emilion

From my balcony on Silver Whisper, sunrise in Bordeaux. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

Silver Whisper overnighted in Bordeaux last night, and this morning I awoke to a gorgeous sunrise. The promise of a new day, from my balcony on Silver Whisper, with beautiful Bordeaux in the background. Could there be a better start to a new day?

Greeting the morning in Bordeaux. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle (really)

My daughter Britton and I had signed up for a half-day half-day sightseeing excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Saint-Emilion. If you appreciate wine, you may know of  Saint-Emilion’s celebrated vineyards and its delicious wines. In fact, the vineyards reach all the way up to Saint-Emilion’s ancient town walls.

Silver Whisper on Sunday morning in Bordeaux. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

After a 35-minute coach transfer from the bottom of Silver Whisper’s gangway to Saint-Emilion, we began a guided walking tour of the village and its underground monuments.

We saw the Collegiale Church and its 12th-century cloister as well as the 12th-century ramparts, the marketplace and Eglise Monolithe, the largest underground church in Europe. Adjacent to the church, we visited the catacombs, which included a charnel house and numerous sepulchers dating from the 11th and 12th centuries.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Saint-Emilion. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle

Following the guide tour, we had a little more than an hour of free time to explore the village on our own and browse the shops before heading back for Silver Whisper, which departs for Saint-Jean-de-Luz at 4 p.m. today.

In Saint-Emilion. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle
Peeking into a shop in Saint-Emilion. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle
Saint-Emilion is famous for its celebrated wines. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle
A gorgeous Medieval village. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle 
We stopped for Macarons in Saint-Emilion. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle
Back to Silver Whisper, docked in Bordeaux and departing for Saint-Jean-de-Luz at 4 p.m. today. © 2012 Ralph Grizzle 

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  • It was a mother/daughter nearby us whose toilet quit working and their hot water. They had to shower at the spa for days. We just wondered in case it ever happened to us. They only lucked out and were finally moved when a couple disembarked at Amalfi & relinquished their cabin. The ladies were not happy. We wondered when we pay that much for a cruise, it compensation were given to compensate the massive inconvenience.

    • So sorry to hear that for them. Seabourn certainly likes to do things right, and I would imagine that they’ll be making it right in some way. I’m curious to know how the story ends if you are able to update us.


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