Sibling Serenity Canal Day 9


We are tucked in next to huge container ships.

The bay is home to taxi boats that take people from one corner of Cartagena to another.

One man really drew my compassion. He lacked the ubiquitous outboard and, for one reason or another, was paddling the long distance by himself.

We also have our guard boat making sure that other boats do not come close to Serenity.

Here, the Old City is the destination for tourists. It’s circled by a ring of fortress walls built by the Spanish around 1585.

Actually they were started then, but took over 200 years to complete. Today, inside the walls, it’s basically a shopping mall. Pick any street in Old City, even one just wide enough for one person, and almost every door opens to a shop or restaurant.

Owen was interested in the architecture of the historic churches with their fortress like facades. Taxis to the Old City run $20 each way; $30 if you use the same cab for round trip. Owen’s driver turned out to be a guide as well and pointed out a few things not covered by the guidebooks. He also bought Owen a tube of Coconut Milk. Owen is now hooked as he said he got a tremendous burst of energy from it. But little sightseeing. Sad to say all churches are closed from 10 AM until 4 PM. I guess G-D is too busy on the other side of the world during those hours.

I had planned to go with him, but I realized that the only thing I wanted to find out was if I could get a Philip Stein watch cheaper than in Cabo San Lucas. Wisely, I held back and stayed aboard Serenity.

We ate sushi for dinner and went to the show featuring our Cruise Director, Gary Hunter. He is an incredible ventriloquist and with a funny act. Lots of laughs from the audience.

As you may remember, Owen did the big “no-no” and in kidding me about Fox News turned the table talk into politics. One of the men was strongly opinionated and had no room for any dissension. He walked up the theater aisle next to our seats and Owen said hello. I guess it was the ventriloquist in him that let him say hello without moving his lips. But his teeth were grinding.

We are now friends with travel agent Lori and her mother. Owen knows many more passengers than I do and spends time with the USC film professor that lectures on board.

At sea tomorrow heading to Grand Cayman. I wonder if the Philip Stein watches will be priced low enough for me. I think I might convince my wife it is a journalistic purchase so I can determine if their “magic” happens.

Or not.

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