Sibling Serenity Canal Day 14

We are in the Atlantic at sea for Charleston, SC. The sea is smooth, weather warm and sometimes hot as there is no breeze. The ship is hardly leaving a wake. The slow sail is a way of evening out the distance to Charleston so we don’t get there at like midnight.

Lots going on today. The buffet on Lido is the American Classic Buffet.

We were reminded that America is a land of immigrants so the food might not all be apple pie. I had a dish that satisfied my curiosity about fried okra.

I had other food that I can’t seem to identify,

but I will say that it’s hard to keep America down.

Later in the afternoon, I stopped by the afternoon tea where the Crystal Ensemble of singers and dancers modeled original movie costumes

from the private collection off Greg Scheiner.

I didn’t stay long as Greg said the trouble with today (referring to gowns) is people don’t “flow” like they used to. Deciding to prove him wrong and flow, I went to the bar.

Night brought the Captains Farewell Reception where one can again rub elbows. By the way, I, my friends, have rubbed elbows with Tippi Hedren.

Dinner started with caviar, then a wonderful soup. I threw all garlic cares to the wind and ordered the special pasta. Sorry said Antoneo, that has garlic. I’m bringing you the pheasant. OK, it was quite good but when I get home I’m going to ask my wife for spaghetti for our first dinner together.

Owen and I stood in a short line waiting for the Crystal Lounge doors to open so we could get a front row seat. Going down the aisle, I actually had to outpace a woman pulling her husband behind her.

Drinks are served and placed on convenient tables. Owen ordered sparkling water. It never arrived. It went down the back of a man behind us. We didn’t see how it happened, but Sheila from Brazil,

after wiping and apologizing, disappeared and her place was quickly taken by Roxanna wiper and apologizer #2.

Then folks, the highlight! Showtime! The show was titled “Across the Pond”. I sat transfixed and my one wish was that I could somehow share what I was hearing and watching with everyone I know. It was spectacular; each dancer, each singer, each choreographed move way beyond anything Owen or I had ever experienced. What talent!!

They received tons of applause all through the show, and at the end, those of us who could, gave a standing ovation.

Tomorrow Charleston South Carolina. I’ll be looking for okra.

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