Sibling Serenity Canal Day 11

Grand Cayman

I guess the trouble with progress is, well, progress. The port area is bigger, more stores, more tours being sold, and huge cranes building more, more.

In the stores, the sales people don’t press you to buy; some don’t even look at you.

As you know by now, I went into town to see if I could get a Philip Stein watch at a lower price then was quoted at Cabo. These watches are “scientifically proven to shield the body from electronic pollution”.

There on the first street was the Philip Stein Boutique.

Can’t do better than that. I stood for a bit while a salesman fussed around with watch straps. Finally I asked him if could see the least expensive watch.

“Do you want dual time?” he asked.

“The least expensive,” I repeated.

“Rubber or metal band?” he asked, sorting through the display case.

“The least expensive.” I reiterated.

Up came a watch. He took a few seconds to check the price tag. $495

I continue to suffer from electronic pollution.

My reason for going ashore was the watch. Owen walked through the shopping area heading inland. He saw some nice small homes and lots of chickens running around. But I wasn’t alone, I made a new friend.

Owen and I felt we should go to our assigned table in the main dining room. We were feeling a bit guilty about not being there for three nights. The others at the table did not come to dinner. The lady next to our table told us that they had invited others to take our places the last two nights. Hmmmmm. We will get to the table tomorrow night early and claim our seats.

As I’ve said this is a wonderful ship. The one thing I’ll take home is an appetite for papaya. Each day perfectly ripened papaya is there for both breakfast and lunch.

I’m not sure where to find ripened papaya at home, but I’ll seek them out.

A day at sea tomorrow as we head towards Fort Lauderdale.

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