On Carnival Breeze, It’s The Staff: Have A Favorite Crew Member At Sea? Give Them A Shout Out

Carnival Breeze © Ralph Grizzle
Lyubomir, a friendly face on Carnival Breeze and headwaiter in the main restaurant. © Ralph Grizzle

At a press conference on Carnival Breeze this week, Gerry Cahill, president and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines, said that in the five years he has been at the helm of the company, he has received letters, and more recently emails, from guests commenting on their experiences aboard the Fun Ships.

“I get a couple of emails a day from Carnival guests,” he said. “I’ve never gotten an email about the hardware. It’s always about the experience they had with the crew . . . it really is the crew that counts.”

I have found the Carnival culture to be both fun and professional this week on Carnival Breeze. I’ve been impressed time and again in the lounges, the coffee bar and restaurants. Staff are downright friendly.

Pierre R. Camilleri, Carnival Breeze Hotel Director © Ralph Grizzle
Good morning! Pierre R. Camilleri, Carnival Breeze Hotel Director © Ralph Grizzle

When crew members do get to know someone’s name, they use the first name, typical, of course, of the way we do it in North America. I’ve been greeted by my first name many times, unusual on a ship carrying more than 3,000 people.

Like many companies, Carnival does encourage (and perhaps enforce) a 100 percent greet policy, which is why crew members acknowledge guests at most every encounter with “Good Morning,” “Hello,” or “How is your day?”

The greetings do not seem forced or insincere, however. “For us, it’s like, ‘Welcome to our family.’ It is very genuine,” Pierre B. Camielleri, Carnival Breeze’s hotel director, told me one morning in Ocean Plaza.

The greet policy is one of eight Carnival service values that have been implemented fleetwide, and what I found interesting when I spoke with Pierre is that the greet policy extends beyond the guests: “One of the eight values is actually that the crew greet each other and guests in the same way.”

I know other companies probably do this too, but still, that’s pretty cool.

Do you have a favorite crew member on Carnival or any other cruise line who you would like to recognize with a shout out? Write his or her name in the comment box below and tell us what is so special about that person. Good evening.

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  • RADU URSU, Senior Photographer with Carnival, is absolutely brilliant with his photo taking. He is such a polite young man and full of information, when asked.  I truly feel he is a huge asset to Carnival.  Even after my cruise, I can travel all over the world, through his eyes & his camera.  His posted pictures are wonderful to view.  He deserves a huge “THANK YOU” from all who appreciate his exceptional work.

  • Adi from Bosnia, he is a photographer at the Carnival Breeze, I got to met him, and I really hope I could get his facebook, he promised me to come to Mexico someday lol I just want to keep on touch with him, so THANK YOU.

  • Adi the photographer from Bosnia.. I really want to keep in touch with him!!!

  • Daniel from Macedonia who worked on the Carnival Breeze on the pool deck in the back of the ship… He was caring and a hard worker and we miss him so much and we hope to be able to contact him

  • Ivan, the barman in serenity lounge and anna and katriona in the niteclub were very very friendly and helpfull with information. i was greeted each day and nite and they also had a laugh with us too… they are great staff to have on board

  • Carnival Sunshine…the list is long!! Mickey Live, Jaime Dee, Radu, Iguana Cantina crew, the lady at the Java Cafe, Yustinus and helpers (room stewards), Dining room staff (Elmer, Mauro and Mere), JBlendz (Joe from Chicago), all of the entertainment staff, the man at the Ocean Plaza buffet, the photographers, Information desk. We were on the repo cruise starting at New Orleans. It was an amazing cruise that I will never forget. It was fun, restful and I even learned some things. Ninth Carnival Cruise and it was the best and they have all been wonderful.

  • Razvan was our waiter from Romania. He was great & became my best friend. He told me to look him up on Facebook but I can’t find him! He was on the Carnival Breeze.

    • Did you ever find razvan? I just had a cruise with him and he was amazing. I’d love to find him on Facebook! He was so kind

  • Last year Manny (Emanuel)…drink server on Carnival Breeze !! Never let my hand be empty & was sooo funny !! Hoping he’s still there when we sail April 2017!!! He was our most memorable staff member !! ??

  • I’m looking for bernil he was on the first deck in housekeeping on the carnival breeze he was the most respectful helpful person and I’m trying to find his last name so I can get in touch with him via mail or email if anyone knows him tell him to send amber an email at [email protected] or my Facebook is under ambernicole

  • Shoutout to the houskeeping dude on the sixth deck who learned our names in like a day and was so helpful idewa i belive it was and shout out to the karaoke hoat who kept the party rocking whoo henry im pretty sure it was im fact the whole day crew was amazing and friendly shout out to the whole crew on the carnival valor hope they see this some day

  • I have several on the Breeze…. hollywood, I Made and German serving drinks on the Lido deck, Isabel in the Sapphire dining, Jonathon in housekeeling, Ryan in the Sky rope Course, Vinny over the comedy zone and Swartz our cruise director made our cruise fun and fulfilling. With three teenagers they made it entertaining for all of us. Thank you so much!

  • Zoey with the entertainment group on carnival Pride, sailed May 7th. She was awesome and my boys will remember her forever. They love their trophies, she was looking for us when we disembarked and totally made the trip a blast with all the games and trivia.

  • Daniel, Head Waiter, from Romania is absolutely fantastic. He is kind, funny, attentive and an extremely professional yet friendly waiter. Our family was very happy to get to know him and enjoy his excellent service. THANK YOU DANIEL!!!!


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