What’s Country Club Casual On Oceania Cruises?

Letter from Avid Cruiser reader: If you would include information on dress code, other than to say “country club casual” it would be appreciated. We are used to dressing for dinner and very much enjoy that part of cruising. However, what about breakfast and lunch? When we tour, we plan on wearing jeans and other casual clothing. Would that be permissible in the restaurants for breakfast and lunch?

Yes, you’d be fine in jeans and other casual clothing for breakfast and lunch. Oceania is casual. Though I’ve seen Frank del Rio, Oceania’s founder, in a tie on this business cruise, his philosophy is that he doesn’t want you to have to dress up while on Oceania. Yes, he wants guests to be respectful, but you won’t need to pack formal wear or even hang a tie around your neck for dinner.

Here’s what is in today’s Oceania Cruises Currents, the daily information sheet distributed each evening on the ship:

Oceania Dress Code

In all evening dining venues, we request that guests adhere to the appropriate country club casual dress code. Shorts, jeans, T-shirts, athletic footwear and sandals are not permitted in the Grand Dining Room or specialty restaurants. As the Terrace Cafe exudes a resort-casual ambience, dressy shorts and casual shirts may be worn in the evenings. Tank tops and swimsuits are not appropriate attire for any of the onboard restaurants at any time.

So basically, as long as you’re not in tank tops and swimsuits in the restaurants for breakfast or lunch, you’re fine. Jeans would be totally acceptable. You should make note that guest washers and dryers are available on board and easy to use, so you could pack less and do laundry at least once.

Of course, laundry and dry cleaning services are available, but these are a bit pricey, particularly if you opt for the 50 percent surcharge to receive your clothes back on the same day. Dry cleaning a blouse, for example, for same-day return would cost you $15.75 with the surcharge, $10.50 if you can wait an extra day.

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  • Pretty inadequate and way incomplete information. For example article doesn’t tell you what dress code is for dinner in dining rooms? Do men need sports jkt?

  • My wife wants to know if nice sandals are acceptable in the Grand Dining Room or specialty restaurants.

  • I would like to know if i would need a long grown for my trip and if you can wear dress capri’s to dinner or just breakfast and lunch also can a woman wear dress slacks to dinner. S Holan


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