The One That Didn’t Get Away: An 80-KiloTuna For 5,000 Euros For Lunch On Oceania Riviera

Oceania riviera mothersday 3
Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day from somewhere off the coast of Italy, as Oceania Riviera makes her way toward Venice, scheduled to arrive around mid-morning or so Monday. In honor of Mother’s Day (today in the United States), Oceania staff distributed white roses and featured two special brunches, one in The Grand Dining Room; the other in the Terrace Cafe.

Oceania riviera mothersday 1
What's for lunch? Sushi from an 80-kilogram tuna purchased from a market in Barcelona.

Among the broad selection of seafood, I was impressed with the one that did not get away: an 80-kilogram tuna, purchased by Corporate Chef Franck Garanger at a market in Barcelona for 5,000 euros.

Oceania riviera mothersday 2
Oysters from France.

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