Staying Fit On Oceania Riviera: The Canyon Ranch SpaClub

Oceania Cruises spas are operated by Canyon Ranch.

For some, skipping the elevators and taking the stairs up and down the 11 public decks on Oceania Riviera will be enough exercise during their cruises.

For those who want a bit more, however, the Canyon Ranch SpaClub fitness facilities feature more than 50 pieces of cardio and weight training equipment, plus a variety of fitness classes and instruction.

Use of the fitness facilities is free, but Spin Classes cost $11 for up to an hour of instruction.
Resistance training at two Kinesis stations.
TechnoGym Elliptical Trainers
The onboard entertainment console has an iPod/iPhone docking station, plus television and built-in heart-rate monitoring.
TechnoGym makes some of the world's best fitness equipment.
Concept2 Rowing machine and TechnoGym treadmills.
The spa features a range of dumbbells up to 50 pounds.
There are a number of TechnoGym recumbent and upright bikes.
Exercise balls and bands.

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  • Hi there, I was wondering what other exercise machines you have for resistance besides the arm curl machine. Do you have any Leg machines?

    • It’s been a few years since I was on the ship and in the gym on board, but yes, there were leg machines if I recall. You may want to contact Oceania directly for a definitive answer.


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